Hydro: Differentiating its low-carbon aluminium

The world needs sustainable materials to build electric cars and ferries, windfarms and more. Aluminium is part of the solution and manufacturers like Hydro are finding ways to be part of the solution. The company is committed to lower carbon emissions during production and recycling as well as other measures to improve the footprint of both its products and company. To succeed Hydro must make its low-carbon aluminum products attractive to the market. This means that any environmental profile must be clearly differentiating, evidence therefore fully traceable and trust built along the supply chain from initial buyers to end-consumers.

Hydro’s challenge

  • Differentiate its two low-carbon aluminium products REDUXA and CIRCAL in the market 
  • Distinguish the product and company brands from lower quality products and fake claims  
  • Share REDUXA and CIRCAL environmental credentials in a digital, traceable and trusted manner.  
  • Allow anyone to instantly check the validity, data and authenticity of the product’s environmental profile.  
  • Enable customers to benefit from Hydro’s low-carbon claims when promoting products manufactured from the aluminIum. 
  • Ultimately move toward a circular eco systems and data sharing platform where all product properties can be shared end-to-end among all parties in the value chain.   


  • Use DNV’s Tag. Trace Trust. platform to issues digital product passports for Hydro’s REDUXA and CIRCAL brands.  
  • Each passport is tagged with a unique digital ID allowing anyone to use the associated QR code to trace its origin and check authenticity, validity and data.  
  • All product passports are securely stored on the blockchain. Hydro’s customers can use the unique ID to securely connect the aluminium product passport to the sustainability profile of their products produced using the low-carbon aluminium.  
  • An assurance layer substantiates Hydro’s the low-carbon, recycling and other sustainability claims made about the products and company. Certification by an independent party is shared as proof of achievements in the product passports. 


  • Trust is built directly into the documentation following the aluminium, enabling Hydro to differentiate the environmental profile of its product on the market and combat fraud and fake claims
  • Through verification and certification of the product, systems and supply chain by an independent party like DNV, trust is built into every sustainability claim made by Hydro
  • Any end products’ total sustainability profile can be trusted as each claim can be collated, documented and traced back to its origin   
  • Tag. Trace. Trust. ensures that issuance of document passports is automated and executed in a secure, resource- and cost-efficient way

Watch the webinar

How to build trust into product claims

Hear from Bjørn Kjetil Mauritzen and Aksel Kvaal from Hydro and Sven Edgren from DNV as they discuss the pilot Hydro engaged in and how blockchain technology can help prove your product claims with verified data.

Watch it here.


Hydro is a global supplier of aluminium with activities throughout the value chain. Hydro is a fully integrated aluminium company with 35,000 employees in 40 countries on all continents, combining local expertise, worldwide reach and unmatched capabilities in R&D.