Can technical product data be trusted?

For products manufactured from multiple components, made from different materials, sourced from several producers, knowing its exact parts can be difficult. Mismatch of information throughout the supply chain is not uncommon.

You may have bought 600 kilos of fittings, but its technical specification or materials test certificates have a different amount. Are the certificates authentic, issued for the exact lot that you have bought?  Can you be sure that the trader has not included lower quality steel? When quality and safety is at stake, traceability of origin and technical specifications is essential. Collating data, linking it to specific batches and dividing certificates as big amounts are split into smaller lots builds a trusted trail among supply chain players and into the final product.


  • Ensure traceability of components and materials in complex ecosystem-like supply chains
  • Share technical specifications and materials tests that can be checked by others  
  • Collate relevant component or material data from all supply chain stakeholders and link it to a specific product batch  
  • Enable data contained in documentation to be split as batches are divided into smaller lots  
  • Avoid tampering with certificates on technical specifications or materials tests 


  • DNV’s Tag. Trace. Trust. platform is used to collate the relevant technical data from all supply chain stakeholders
  • This lets a company issue a product passport with a QR code and a digital identity linked to each product batch
  • Tag. Trace. Trust. enables to include new data to the passport when batches of components or materials are divided and/or undergo different transformation processes ensuring full product traceability
  • An assurance layer by an independent certification body such as DNV to verify data, specifications or materials tests according to technical requirements or international standards can also be included to build additional trust into documents shared 


  • Tag. Trace. Trust. helps share component and materials specifications with all supply chain stakeholders in a trusted, traceable and secure way
  • Being powered by blockchain technology, Tag. Trace. Trust. enables any holder of an issued document to check its authenticity and data by scanning the associated QR code 
  • It enables stakeholders to track all steps in the transformation process to get full visibility of a component or material’s journey and origin
  • Combined with an assurance layer, it enables stakeholders to be certain of the authenticity of the data included in the document