How it works

This as-a-service solution is easy to implement and integrate into any production system:

1. Set-up

Tag. Trace. Trust. connects to any open production system. Our project managers may advise you on how to set up your document template, according to requirements and your company brand. This includes the website, i.e. landing page, for your original documents and data stored on the blockchain.

2. Issue

Once the set-up is complete, you are ready to start issuance of single statements, certificates or product passports. Most companies will be able to trigger the automatic issuance of the document from their production system. Data is uploaded, each document is tagged with a unique digital ID and data is written and stored on the blockchain.

3. Share

You can instantly share a single statement, certificate or product passport with stakeholders using the QR code or URL that is automatically generated. The generated QR code may also be placed on PDF documents, emails or even on packaging.

4. Check

Anybody can scan the QR code or access the dedicated link related to a statement, certificate of product passport. This allows them to instantly trace its origin and check the data, validity and authenticity at the source. The blockchain ensures the security and immutability of the document’s authenticity and trail end-to-end.